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TR Binary Options Review – Scam Broker or Otherwise?

TradeRush wasted no time in making a name for itself as one of the most impressive binary options brokers in the industry. 


TradeRush joined the market in 2011 and quickly gained fame for offering a new take on binary options trading – simple, user-friendly and enhanced where it counts. The whole point of TradeRush was to eliminate all the unnecessary filler and to focus on what traders really want. A few years down the line, it’s become clear that the TradeRush Team continues to both listen and respond to the feedback of its subscribers, as many improvements have crept into the mix along the way.


Critics of TradeRush were and are keen to point out that a payout maximum of 81% is considerably lower than that advertised by rival platforms. However, the difference with TradeRush is the way in which this 81% is frequently delivered – try saying the same about a platform that promise 95% and above. This largely encapsulates the honest approach to the binary options trading the TradeRush team have adopted – one of total transparency and openness.

The current list of assets goes well beyond the 150 mark and includes all major assets, indices, FOREX currency pairs and commodities. Once again though, the service team behind TradeRush is always open to suggestions and the list is growing all the time.


In terms of the actual binary options trading platform, TradeRush is in a league of its own. What’s on offer today is the culmination of years of refinement and decades of experience – a platform that’s as simple to use as it is powerful and feature-rich. Trading types include the popular 60-second trade, the intricate Options Builder, standard Call/Put trades, the advanced Option Pro and One Touch Trades.

What really hits home with the TradeRush platform is how it’s been painstakingly crafted to appeal to newcomers to binary options trading and veteran traders alike.  The platform is easily accessible and traders never have trouble navigating it.


New traders can get up and running with the entry-level Mini Account which asks no more than $250 as a minimum deposit and offers access to all the features of the TradeRush platform. The next step up is the Standard Account for deposits over $500, followed by the Executive, Gold and Platinum Accounts that ask $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 respectively. Perks and additional services vary in accordance with the level of the account chosen, though all come with certain bonuses.

Bonus Payments

Even at the very bottom of the ladder, newcomers to binary options trading who opt for the Mini Account will be given a full 20% bonus on top of their first deposit. This then increases for each of the higher-level accounts and can go as high as 75% for those taking up a Platinum package.

TradeRush is currently running a campaign that gives an exclusive 100% bonus to new traders.

Mobile Trading

Another huge perk of the TradeRush binary options trading experience is the provision of a free mobile trading app. Compatible with both iOS and Android mobile operating systems, the app makes it possible to continue binary options trading from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. And unlike many rival mobile apps, the TradeRush app is not limited in terms of features or functionality – anything you can do on the standard TradeRush site/platform you can do using the mobile app. Best of all, the app is absolutely free of charge.

TradeRush Academy

In terms of learning resources, TradeRush largely wrote the book on responsible binary options trading. There are few other trading brands on the market today that offer comprehensive access to such a vast archive of information and educational resources, which include everything from getting started in the first place to becoming a pro trader. From eBooks to video tutorials and all manner of exclusive guides written and provided only for TradeRush members, it’s a clear demonstration of the brand’s commitment to both responsible trading and the bettering of its members’ knowledge. Also, TradeRush has an extensive selection of daily webinars.

Customer Service

TradeRush is a rare example of a binary options broker where 24/7 customer service means exactly that. When put to the test, it’s far from the usual case of submitting a ticket and waiting days on end for somebody to get back in touch with you. Even in the case of the most casual and unserious queries, you can expect a fast answer day or night. And what’s more, the answer comes courtesy of a team that’s every bit as knowledgeable as it is passionate about binary options. With local numbers provided for several countries and around a dozen languages supported, TradeRush is once again largely in a league of its own.  Also, TradeRush has customer support in over 10 different languages.


TradeRush remains about as far from a scam broker as it’s possible to be, having for several years flown the flag for industry excellence. 

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