Porter Finance Review

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Porter Finance Review – A Terrific Broker or a Scam?

Porter Finance is one of the fastest growing binary trading companies and we’re going to take a look at what they have to offer new and experienced traders.


Porter Finance has one of the most highly-ranked trading applications available, plus a learning center that is second-to-none, and traders that have used any of their support options have praised how quickly they were able to get answers and get back to trading.

Porter Finance might be just entering the binary trading world, but people from all four corners of the globe have joined this trading option.

Porter Finance is so popular that it can boast members from every nation in the world excluding one. Turkey. We’re not sure what’s wrong with Turkey, but everyone else is having terrific results from Porter Finance and we’re now going to find out why.

The Trading Experience

Some of the trading options offered by Porter Finance include:  1touch, turbospeed, long term, high low and ladder. There is something for every trader. Whatever your preferred method of trading, it is probably built right into the platform. The trading platform is easy enough for a beginner to use, but it has enough features to satisfy an expert trader.

The Trading Platform

Let’s start out with Porter Finance’s trading. They have a robust trading platform that is highly versatile, responsive, and rich with features. This program is user friendly, responds and adapts to user needs, and it can be customized for whatever a certain trader needs.

The platform design is modular so that traders can customize modules any way that he or she needs. Whether the reason is aesthetic or accessibility, Porter Finance’s platform is smartly designed. Expert traders who normally customize their software to be able to make a lot of complex trades will feel right at home while the regular user can still work with a simplified version.

There are a few different settings for the windows and they can be set up in pretty much any configuration a trader likes. Traders who have a distinct style that they prefer to create before they trade will be able to do so.

There is an incredible array of assets including: more than a hundred stocks, and over 50 indices. There are twenty-eight currency pairings and eleven different commodities that can be traded. If a trader is trying to have a diversified portfolio is quite easy to do with Porter Finance.


The Beginner Account: There are varied account options with Porter Finance. If a trader is trading for the first time, they can simply deposit the minimum of $250 and then Porter Finance will throw in 30% on top of that. Beginners will never lack for direction or ideas with Porter Finance. They get weekly finance reviews at no cost and can download a PDF on trading that is extremely informative. The beginning trader can start binary options trading with minimal risk.

The Standard Account: You’re going to need to deposit $750 if you want to go with the standard account. For experienced traders, this isn’t a huge deal. It is probably the best choice for traders who know what they are doing, but who want to try out Porter Finance for the first time. However, the bonus amount increases to 40% for this account and they’ll get a few perks thrown in like: daily financial reviews with a summary weekly, access to the learning center, the PDF eBook and be able to create a trading strategy.

The Executive Account: If you can come up with 1K to invest, you’ll get access to The Executive Account. This account is probably the most feature-packed account of any binary options broker out there. Porter Finance gives Execs an incredible seventy-five percent bonus, five traders that are completely free of risk, the daily and weekly reviews and access to the trading academy as a VIP. The PDF is included of course, but so is help with managing money, three trading strategies and more.

The VIP Account: If you’ve got 100K that you want to invest, you’ll become a V.I.P. The V.I.P. account is top secret so you’ll have to ask one of the account reps at Porter Finance if you want to know what it includes.

Of course, you also get a demo account so you can try out the service without any real risk.

Bonus Offers

Bonuses were as described in the breakdown of the accounts. 30% for beginning traders all the way up to 75% if you choose the executive account. It is not known what the bonus is for the V.I.P. account.

Mobile App on the Horizon

Because Porter Finance is so new to the market, the mobile apps that will allow you to trade on-the-go are still in development.

Educational Training Resources

Porter Finance provides you with all of the training and information that you need to become an informed trader. You can learn how to trade for the first time through their online academy or you can sharpen your skills to learn how to increase your earnings even more. The training is divided by skill level so that a trader can easily choose the program that is best for him or her.

Customer Support

Even though Porter Finance is brand new, they know how important good customer service is in the industry. Several different support options are available and support is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You can access support through email, telephone, live chat and even Skype if you so choose. You can take advantage of the phone support in multiple countries but you will have to use English if you are from one of the non-English speaking countries. For a list of countries that phone support is offered in, see Porter Finance’s website.


Although Porter Finance is new it is showing signs of being one of the top binary options brokers on the market today. The company began in 2014 and has grown exponentially. They have great features and are one of the best choices for binary options trading.

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