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Magnum Options Review – Trusted Broker or a Waste of Time?

Magnum Options is one of the most recently launched binary options brokers on the market, establishing itself in 2013 and going from strength to strength ever since. Their rapid rise to success is owed to their novel take on binary options trading.


Magnum Options offers a variety of exclusive benefits unheard of among most other trading platforms, including free accounts and a 10% return on unsuccessful trades. When one hears of a broker offering a free account, the first question which springs to mind is; ‘So, what’s the catch?’ After thoroughly investigating this claim of a completely free account, it turned out to be everything it had promised to be – no costs, no charges and no strings attached.

With no additional fees or commissions, investors have a genuinely good deal on their hands which is well worth taking full advantage of. Indeed, one of the greatest advantages of Magnum Options is its transparency. Traders know exactly where their funds are going and how much each call could potentially earn them, as well as the investment involved, providing traders with the opportunity to make truly informed decisions. 

Assets and Trading

As a binary trading platform, one of the most striking characteristics of Magnum Options is the variety of choice it offers. Its extensive selection of tradable assets including stocks, currencies, commodities and indices, provide investors with maximal choice in tailoring their trading experience. This is a platform which truly wants its traders to make as much profit as possible. By developing their asset base to appeal to a variety of areas of expertise, their aim is to give all investors the opportunity to capitalize on their strengths.

Not only do traders have a variety of assets to trade with, they also are offered numerous means of trading. Each trader can choose a way to trade which best suits the funds available to them and the time they wish to invest. Among the options available to choose from are Call/Put, 60 Second Trades and One Touch.

Magnum Options Academy

When it comes to providing first class learning resources, one need look no further than Magnum Options. Offering by far the most comprehensive collection of learning materials than any other trading platform, their Educational Academy caters for all levels of trading including sections for beginners, in-depth and advanced investors.

Beginners benefit from an array of introductory courses to give them a firm grounding on the fundamentals of the market and how to start earning profits, including financial management and market analysis. Advanced and in-depth courses are also available for more skilled investors in order to hone their trading skills and improve their ability to analyze the market and develop a trading strategy. Their exclusive eBook is a compendium of the information amassed by financial experts over years in the binary trading world, with key insiders’ advice and insights.

Customer Service

Magnum Options has a dedicated customer care team on standby 24/7 to immediately attend to its clients’ inquiries. Traders need not wait hours for a response to their queries, wasting precious time in which they could be making profits. Instead, skilled staff are on hand to deliver a response instantly via whichever medium is most convenient, whether that be email, phone or live chat. Magnum Options has also made available numerous toll free numbers in several countries including Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, in order to allow their customers to receive the highest quality service free of charge.


The primary aim of Magnum Options has been to give its traders perks not available anywhere else on the market and to provide them the best value for their investments. Magnum Options’ unwavering dedication to their traders’ interests is what sets it apart from all other binary brokers.

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