Earlier this month, ZoomTrader, a binary options broker, and Bologna FC, an Italian football club signed a sponsorship deal. This deal is a big step for both parties involved and will bring both ZoomTrader and Bologna a number of benefits.

About Bologna FC

The Bologna Football club is a historical Italian football club that was created in 1909. Since it was started it has won the Italian Football championship 7 times. This record makes it the 6th most successful team in Italian Football history. Last season the team finished in 14th place in Serie A and has started the first two games of the season with a split record, one win and one loss. 

Sponsorship Agreement

There were no details provided publicly about the financial terms or the duration of the sponsorship agreement between ZoomTrader and Bologna. However, under the conditions of the contract ZoomTrader is the official binary options sponsor for the team and will be entitled to all of the benefits that come with this type of partnership. 

Benefits of the Partnership

As a binary options broker, ZoomTrader will receive many benefits with this partnership. Bologna FC is a well known club, it often attracts large crowds and receives a lot of attention from its fans. The club is often in the spotlight of the press, which will be beneficial for the binary options broker. In addition, ZoomTrader will receive relevant television advertising throughout the home stadium. In addition, the broker will be provided with advanced hospitality tickets for all of the team matches. This type of agreement offers a great way for ZoomTrader to gain publicity all while showing social responsibility. 

This sponsorship deal is also beneficial for the Bologna Football club as it provides the team with secure financial support, which Is an important aspect for any football club. In addition, the funds will help secure the successful existence of the club. 

Other Partnerships

In addition to its deal with Bologna, ZoomTrader has also announced that they have signed a deal with Bundesliga Club FC Koln. This was a three year deal and offers the broker television promotion opportunities, advertising throughout the home stadium of the club as well as communication throughout other channels of the club. 

Overall, these successful partnership agreements further prove the quality of ZoomTrader as a viable broker choice.